The early days

 In 1924 the trustees borrowed $4400 from the local council,  Shire of Dandenong, to erect a new brick hall. The title of the land was handed over to the council as security for repayment of the loan.  

The present Noble Park Public Hall was erected in 1925 and is a worthy example of the craftsmanship of the local builders, Wanke and Brown.  

Repayments were made regularly until the Great Depression that would lead into World War 2. Revenue almost dried up and the council took over running the hall for the next three decades.

  In 1957 a well attended meeting of residents was held in the hall and the legal position was clearly explained that there was no doubt where the title belonged, and who should control the destiny of the hall. The debt was cleared with the Shire Council in October 1957 and five new trustees were elected, MrTom Copas, Mr G Luxford, Mr T Kirkpatrick, Cr. E Jenkins and Mr A.J. Paddy O’Donoghue.  

During the 33 years that the council had control of the hall nothing was done to assist in its development or maintenance, but with control back where it rightly belonged, in the hands of the people of Noble Park, the trustees set themselves to the task of renovating the dilapidated premises.