Memories of the past

Grand reunion of Noble Park residents 16th April 1983

Being the 'hub' of community life,  the hall trustees and other interested residents organised a grand reunion to celebrate Noble Park's 75th birthday.  The Noble Park Public Hall had been used to celebrate earlier reunions. In 1959 a "Back to Noble Park Jubilee Celebration" was held there. At the time,  Mr Ern Jenkins,  wrote "A History of Noble Park 1909-1959)".    Again, in 1973 to commemorate the "Diamond Jubilee of the Noble Park Public Hall"  a booklet was written by Paddy O'Donoghue.  Both books were in huge demand and were out of print.


So as part of the 75th birthday celebrations, trustee, Dawn Dickson revised both of those books and the trust published "Noble Park 1901-1983".  Many local residents donated historical memorabilia and photos to display in a small museum set up in the former "Mystic Studios" shop at the front of the hall.  Sadly, the hall fire some years later destroyed most of those photos.

The "Grand Reunion of Noble Park Residents" was held at the Noble Park Public Hall in April 1983.  It was a busy program that was carried out from the Friday night until Sunday afternoon, with many thousands of people in attendance.

A dance was held in the hall on Saturday night, during which some formal speeches were made by organisers, councillors and the members of the Buckley family who travelled over from South Australia as special guests.

Local MP,  Terry Norris, acted as M.C. on the Sunday afternoon "Noble Park Talent Quest". People of all ages, and varying types of talent joined in!    Most of the hall users entered acts,  there were lots of young children dancing,  from ballet to tap, and folk dance groups. The local pipe band, led by Frank Schreeche-Powell joined in the fun, as well as other musicians, singers, rap dancers and gymnasts.  The Noble Park Senior Citizens Choir sang, and some members recited poetry. It was a very enjoyable occasion for the hundreds of spectators.

Silver Olympian medallist, Robert Kabbas.presented trophies to the winners of the 'decorated bikes'.